Scan-it-All Membership

Mailbox Only.png

The basics at a very affordable price.  Because we only need to handle your mail once - to open and scan the contents for you - we can pass along the savings to you.  

Your business gets a real US street address in friendly Middleton, Wisconsin that can be Googled by your clients.  Use it to present a professional image, protect your home address & privacy, or expand your market.

All mail is opened and scanned and delivered to your email inbox.


There is no limit to the mail that you can receive, and no limit to the number of scans since everything is scanned.  You get a scan of the exterior of the envelope and the interior contents.  

We can deposit your checks for you - just forward your bank information and deposit slips.  Each deposit is only $2.50, including postage.

Your physical mail will be held for you for 30 days and then it will be securely destroyed. 


Physical mail can be forwarded to you for $2 plus postage.  We can bundle your mail and send it to you upon request to save you money. 

Packages are gladly accepted and held for you. Package forwarding is available, pricing is based on the individual package.  


Physical mail and packages can be picked up from Community CoWorks by appointment during regular business hours.  Mail is only released to individuals you have authorized in advance.